We are homeowners from Southeast Louisiana and like you have experienced more than our fair share of storms. And like you, we have had to deal with the insurance companies trying to short-change us when it comes time for the payout after the storm to fix our houses and properties. Like you, we had to deal with the back and forth with the appraiser saying that our property was in a less than condition than it really was. Then fighting with the insurance company to get enough money to pay for the repairs. We have been there, we know.

We have over 10 years of experience in flying drones and filming and have filmed family and friends properties after storms for just as long. We have even filmed our own properties to turn into the insurance companies. In fact, we have been told by appraisers that they wished that every customer had film as we have supplied. It makes their job easier to prove the payout amounts. Then the idea hit us, why are we not doing this for everyone? We researched and found that no one is doing anything like this anywhere. 

What we do is we come out to your property yearly and film with our state-of-the-art drones and cameras and make videography documentation for your insurance claims. We will fly around your house, the front, back, sides, and the roof with the drones, we will film the inside of your home in every room to get all of your possessions on film. Then if there is some type of disaster that happens or a remodel or you even add on to your home, we come back out and film again. Then when it comes time to file that insurance claim, you have proof of the exact state of your property to hand over to get the maximum claim you deserve.