We are a tier-based subscription drone service that comes out to your house once a year to film your residential home, the outside of the home, the roof, the patio, and your shed. If a storm then hits your home, and we hope not, then we come back out to your property to film it all over again so there will be no question to the insurance adjuster and company about the condition of your property when it comes time for you to fight for the money you are owed. It's that simple. You pick the resolution you would like, you pick if you want access to your footage on the cloud or a thumb drive or both. It's your footage to do what you want with. But when it comes time to fight the insurance company, and you will have to, because they are trying to shortchange everyone, you will have the up-to-date footage to get the maximum of what you are owed. We also can provide inside film footage of your property. We proudly serve New Orleans and the surrounding areas.